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ipypm Overview

The ipypm package uses interactive python widgets (ipywidgets) to provide a graphical user interface to the pypmca modelling engine. It runs in a jupyter notebook, either on your computer (software installation required) or on a jupyterhub server (no software installation required).

With ipypm, you can load models, explore their behaviour by adjusting parameters, load data to confront the models, and perform basic parameter estimation by fitting models to the data. The model structure itself can be edited through the GUI.


Links are provided here to start ipypm with just a few clicks on Binder or a jupyter hub server.

Local installation and startup

You can install the software on your own computer/server by following the instructions here


The ipypm interface is divided into tabs. Only the Open and Edit tabs are shown when you start. After you load a model to work with, the other tabs will appear:

Advanced analyses

You can develop analyses in the jupyter notebook by interacting with the models and data being used by ipypm. Documentation for this will be provided soon.

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