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ipypm - Analyze tab

The analyze tab allows you to find point estimates for model parameters, by finding the set of parameters that best match the data.


Note that if an integer parameter is set to be variable, the bounds must be set to a range < 15. For each integer value in the range, the overall goodness of fit is evaluated and reported (for the best fit, with the float variables being allowed to vary). The integer parameter is set to the value that produces the best fit. Turn the integer to be fixed and do the fit again to find the best overall fit.

The Fit & plot button initiates the fit, using the scipy.optimize.curve_fit method.

The Fix all button returns all variable parameters to be fixed. This is useful when moving to fit other parameters with other data (such as ICU data).

The button at the top (show variables) produces a table of the variable parameters and their initial and current values: